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The Sports Performance Centre is an innovative, new service available at Aigburth Physiotherapy.

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The Sports Performance Centre is an innovative, new service now available at Aigburth Physiotherapy. Through the use of the internationally recognised Performance Matrix, we aim to help:
• Improve movement efficiency

• Optimise musculoskeletal health

• Enhance performance

• Prevent injuries

The Performance Matrix is designed for both active individuals looking to maintain their fitness long term, and those individuals recovering from injury. It is tried and tested approach which has been used by top-flight British football and rugby teams, and is ideal for those looking to perform at a higher level. At Aigburth Physiotherapy we use the latest technology in movement assessment and injury prevention , to help facilitate opportunities for manage injury risk and optimise movement efficiency.



We carry out your assessment using three simple steps:

FIND - First, we will ask you to perform a series of specific movement tests, which are designed to determine the locations of your body’s uncontrolled movements. From here we are able to identify and assess these weak links.

ANALYSE - Following this we create a personalised report that details which areas of your body are at low, immediate and high risk of injury.

FIX - Using this report we are than able to generate a tailor made retraining programme that combines low threshold and high threshold training. Low threshold training helps to provide the improved co-ordination needed to acquire better movement control. High threshold training creates the speed and strength conditioning necessary to protect you from potential injury.

“Trying to bridge the training gap to take on a marathon only to have to pull out due to a combination of shin splints, calf strains and back ache has been my problem for years. Janet’s expert treatment of the initial injuries led to a quick recovery. However the sports injury screening and subsequent training plan that Janet developed to solve the route cause (lower back problem) has been a revelation. I now have my own web based training programme which targets and strengthens muscles I never knew I had!!
The quick and easy training programme is now firmly part of my weekly training routine. First marathon now complete and smashed my target time – injury free – thanks Janet”
Mr Graham Flynn,